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The Brushtown Volunteer Fire Company was formed in 1951 with eighteen charter members. In June of 1951, the company joined the Adams County Fireman’s Association. Brushtown’s first siren was installed in 1952 at Conner’s Garage along Route 116. In August of 1953, a portable pump and hose with nozzles were purchased. Land was leased for ten years from Peter Hockensmith in 1954. In the same year, the members built a small building to house their first fire truck, a 1940 Chevy Pumper; a 400-gallon GPM Pump holding 350 gallons of water. In 1955, a siren was purchased for the building.

The company responded to their first call on May 29, 1955 at the Klunk barn on Centennial Road, when a tornado took off the barn roof. Two years later in 1957, the company purchased their first two pieces of land from Peter Hockensmith. A new building was constructed, starting in June of 1957, and completed in the spring of 1958. The new building was dedicated on September 1, 1958.

In January 1958, Brushtown purchased a 700-gallon, 1939 International tank truck from McSherrystown Fire Company. Two additional lots were again purchased from Leroy Smith and Peter Hockensmith in 1960. In 1963, a 1959 C750 Ford chassis was bought with a 500 GPM pump, holding 1,350 gallons of water.

Brushtown Fire Company’s first Junior Fireman’s program was formed in 1966, for young men between the ages of twelve and eighteen. In 1968, the company moved its monthly meeting to the first Tuesday of each month to avoid paying bills late.

A revolving red light was placed at the corner of Sunday Drive and Route 116, to alert motorists of responding fire equipment, in 1970. Also that year, the company purchased a 1949 an American LaFrance from Hanover Fire Company; with a 750 GPM pump holding 500 gallons of water. This truck was bought to replace the 1939 International tank trunk.

After several years of discussing the idea of enlarging the facilities, in 1973 it was finally decided upon to follow through with the construction. In 1975, Brushtown purchased the lot across from the firehouse from Mr. R.T. Grove. The land was to be used for parking and trainings. Seeing the need for more volunteer firefighters, the company accepted its first women members in December of 1976. In 1977, the company gave the existing building a facelift, installing new overhead doors and adding brick to the front of the building. The company hosted their first Queen’s Contest in 1978.

In 1979, Brushtown purchased an International chassis with a Hamerly constructed body, 1,000-gallon tank, and a 750 GPM single stage pump. This replaced the 1949 LaFrance and the 1940 Chevy. The engine was placed into service in the early 1980’s. In 1983, the company once again remodeled the inside of the building. In 1985, the company decided to begin building a new addition, adding an engine room, meeting room, storage room, and new restroom facilities. In 1989, the company purchased a 1982 Ford E350 Squad, which was put into service in February of 1990.

In 1994, Brushtown placed into service its first ever custom-built piece. A 1994 Seagrave tanker with a six-man cab, 1,500 GPM pump, holding 1,500 gallons of water, with three electric-operated dump valves. The company purchased a 1992 Seagrave engine from South End Fire Company in Winchester, Virginia in 2001. This unit had an eight-man cab, 1,500 GPM, a two-stage pump, holding 500 gallons of water, and a pre-piped deck gun. This unit replaced the 1979 International engine. In 2003, the company built an addition to the current building, adding more storage, and moving the stage to the center of the hall, and enlarging the kitchen.

In June 2004, Brushtown Fire Company voted to consolidate with Centennial Fire Company, Conewago Fire Company, and McSherrystown Fire Company.


Company 18 Past Presidents

1950 J. William Roth


1970-1971 Edward Masenheimer III

1951-1953 Claude Murren


1972 James Masenheimer

1954 J. William Roth


1973-1974 Charles Weaver

1955 Fred Neiderer


1975-1976 Edward Krichten Sr.

1956 Lewis Klunk


1977 Perry Myers

1957 Gilbert Stahl


1978-1979 Richard Wagner

1958-1960 Edgar Worley


1980-1982 Perry Myers

1961-1963 Edward Masenheimer Jr.


1983-1987 Michael Hartlaub

1964 Edward Krichten


1988 Richard Wagner

1965 Luther Weitzel II


1989-1991 Perry Myers

1966 Fred Neiderer


1992-1995 James Worley

1967 Luther Weitzel II


1996-2002 Wayne Reid

1968-1969 Edward Masenheimer Jr.


2003-2004 Matthew W. Colm

Company 18 Past Chiefs

1951-1954 Eugene Murren


1978-1979 Terry Smith

1955-1965 Claude Murren


1980-1984 Charles Weaver

1966-1967 Elvin Bream


1985-1986 Wayne Reid

1968-1971 Edward Masenheimer Jr.


1987 Luther Weitzel III

1972 Luther Weitzel II


1988-1994 Wayne Reid

1973-1975 Edward Masenheimer III


1995-2004 Vernon A. Grove

1976-1977 Charles Weaver



Past Ladies Auxiliary Presidents

1951 Clara Eyster


1964 Helen Lewis

1952 Stella Roth


1965-1969 Stella Lawrence

1953 Estella Lawrence


1970-1974 Anna Mae Smith

1954 Stella Roth


1975 Grace Neiderer

1955 Catherine Worley


1976-1980 Margel Masenheimer

1956-1957 Elsie Miller


1981-1982 Linda Masenheimer

1958 Stella Lawrence


1983 Mary Swiger

1959 Edith Roth


1984-2004 Linda Masenheimer

1960-1963 Dorothy Boone